"Sometimes we have to do a thing in order to find out the reason for it. Sometimes our actions are questions, not answers.”
~ John le Carré"

S.F.I. Delphi: Intelligence Field Operations Unit - Beta Quadrant Powers Section

Events in 2388, particularly in the Beta Quadrant have necessitated a more permanent presence of Starfleet Intelligence in the Quadrant. Rather than running all operations from Earth or the few mobile units, SFI felt the need to establish a field unit assigned to manage the information resourcing and gathering in the Beta Quadrant.

The unit, designated as Delphi, under operational management from Earth based Beta Quadrant Powers Division of Starfleet Intelligence, is designed to receive information from the SFI’s beta quadrant outposts; whether they be assets, listening posts, personnel in the field, ships and starbases. The unit will analyze information received and act as needed. The unit will also conduct its own operations within the purview and authority as allotted to them by Starfleet Intelligence.

The unit is composed of members of various sections devoted to various Beta Quadrant powers, ie: Cardassian Section, Klingon Section, Minor Beta Quadrant Powers, Orion section, Romulan section etc. Each member is a specialist in their chosen field and chosen for the unit due to their expertise in a given area pertaining to the Beta Quadrant (cultural, military, racial), as well as various support officers - analysts, R&D designers and specialists, specialized medics and scientists.

Delphi is based on Driaan VI, per agreement with Driaan government and the Stratholme Medical Care and Research Facility (owned by Driaan Industries). In return for discretion and use of their sub-levels (designated as Delphi Base) as well as care for injured or psychologically unbalanced agents. Stratholme Research Division has first claim on discoveries and R&D by Starfleet Intelligence that can be released to the public (which is in Driaan’s Economic interest as the Facility develops medicines and medical aides of various types for the civilian population). A member of the D.I.A. (Driaan Intelligence Agency) is assigned by Driaan Government to the Unit as part of the information exchange programme which pertains to the Driaan Sector.

Leonora Wollf (a former FHO - Federation Health Organization physician), has been assigned to lead this specialized team to provide better intelligence coverage in the Beta Quadrant. She and her team of specialists have a daunting task ahead of them what with the recent happenings in the Quadrant. The Free Romulan Movement, the Soverignty of Kahless, the Gorn Invasion of the Cestus III and Canterra sectors...

Equally the Commanding Officer is happy to deal with any and all inquiries.

LGBT Friendly Simulation

Designation: Burning Vigilance

In the wake of the loop and personnel changes, Delphi is eagerly awaiting a new mission. When one comes, whether by design or coincidence, the team is set on a course deep beyond the Raeyan Transit Corridor, to follow up on clues and traces picked up by their colleagues from the USS Venture.

Deep in a small unclaimed pocket between Federation Space and Romulan space that will be part of the extended Neutral Zone in the next few years, a ping has appeared on scanners watching the area. From readings available at the time of assignment, it appears to be a defunct Romulan facility that is rumored to be one of the Bio-WMD facilities the Empire used to have in its glory days, back before the Hobus Supernova.

The team is assigned to assess and gather intelligence and report back to Oversight. With current lingering suspicions the team aready has, how will they treat this assignment? What will they find and what will they report back?

Big Wheels Keep On Turning

As the team scrambles their assets and contacts, in an attempt to find out as much as they can about the Soverignty of Kahless and why exactly Starfleet in its wisdom has been sitting on few important reports, such as two ships destroyed and three Captains being held by said S.o.K. the focus and path of the team gets broken by several unforeseen circumstances. Several members of the team begin realizing something is very wrong. The day seems to be repeating with some rather 'unfortunate' circumstances. It's up to those members to convince the rest that something wrong is going on and to break the bad cycle to save everyone and get back to the original mission.

Delphi Unit Authorized

Every good story needs a beginning. In terms of the Delphi unit, it involves the newly minted CO of the unit, Lieutenant Commander Leonora Wollf, formerly Deputy Head of the Cardassian Section of Starfleet Intelligence, setting up her new base of operations on the sub-levels of the Stratholme Medical Care and Research Facility on Driaan VI. Most importantly though, it involves vetting potential candidates and recruiting them for the new team.

Here are the guidelines that each player serving within S.F.I. Delphi are required to follow.

* The most important rule of all, have fun. This is a game, and we are all here to have fun.

* The sim is rated age 16+ which means only players aged 16 and over may apply.

* Each player is expected to produce one (1) post/joint post per week to an average of four (4) posts per month, unless otherwise mandated by the Command staff. The unwritten rule for answering jp tags is within 72 hours.

* A post should contain at minimum: a) a solo post: 400 words b) joint post: a minimum of 800 words.

* Personal Logs are encouraged - they should be written in a manner that is presented in the cannon series.
Personal Logs are not posts, but monologues accompanied by background sounds. These do count towards the post requirements if they fill the minimum requirements of a solo post. If they are under that minimal requirement, they count towards character development.

* Character development and use of NPCs to fill in the environment and background story are encouraged - as action oriented as the sim is, it is in the end as it always is, about the characters.

* If in doubt of what to write, please contact the Command Staff, that is what they are there for, to help the players be comfortable and fit into the sim as best they can.

* Developing personal storylines and backgrounds is encouraged.

* All players can submit mission ideas to the Command Staff, and they will do their best to incorporate it into the existing storyline if the submission is accepted. Personal storylines that affect the sim/storyline or other players must be approved by the Command Staff before they are posted.

* Missions are started and ended by Commanding or Executive Officer only.

* In the event there are issues/critiques/similar with a specific player, the matter should be brought to the Commanding/Executive Officer.

Latest News Items

» Intelligence Report: December 2388, Klingon Section

Posted on Thu Oct 19, 2017 @ 3:02pm by Lieutenant Commander Leonora Wollf in General News

Starfleet Intelligence Report, Klingon Section: July 2388
compiled by: Lieutenant JG Arana Th'Zorath, Analyst

As of 15th of Decemeber 2388, the Sovereignty of Kahless was formed by a rebellion of combined rogue houses. The main major house that was the leading force that turned against the Empire is known as the House of Targ.

The name was given by the Emperor in disrespect after their former house lord disgraced the Empire. The house name, however, changed after the rebellion towards House of Si'Tac under command of D'okloss (Targ) Si'Tac.

Starbase Sut HabmoHwI' mupwI' in the Narendra System, that formerly was owned by the House of Darg, is now known as the HQ of Sovereignty of Kahless.

Intelligence collection in progress, further updates to follow in short time period.

End Report

» Intelligence Report: October - November, 2388 - Task Force 72 Intelligence Liaison

Posted on Thu Oct 19, 2017 @ 2:57pm by Lieutenant Commander Leonora Wollf in General News

Starfleet Intelligence Report, Task Force 72 Intelligence Liaison: October - November 2388
item forwarded from Task Force 72 Intelligence Liaison

The Cardassian Union has been rebuilding its military and fleet. The Order of Twelve, which has been discovered among all Cardassian elements, including the Central Command, seek to claim sectors that the Romulans have desired, or even planets in the Demilitarized Zone. Ignoring the Federation for now, the Union began to stretch into the unclaimed Gavarian Corridor, clashing with the Romulan Empire who is looking to stabilize a shaky empire. The Order, showing its strength, began to operate openly. It’s boldness inspired many Cardassians, who’d been silent since the war, to display their patriotism of their own and began to unify the Union.

To demonstrate its regained strength, on October 10, 2388, the Cardassian Union reached into Breen space with the Second and Fifth Order, retaking two systems (Dozaria and Portas) that the Dominion gifted to the Breen during the War. Sentek and Garzel few shortly thereafter.

A week later, the Breen Militia sent several ships in an attempt to retake the Dozaria System, only to be completely decimated by the Fifth Order. The next day, the Fifth Order advanced to claim two more systems.

Publicly, the Cardassian Central Command has said little of the matter, claiming only that it the Union was becoming whole again. Privately, those opposed to Cardassia’s attempts to regain what was rightfully theirs were one by one removed from power. In their place was installed a patriot, ready to build upon the Union’s pride.

In November, the Federation’s attention was turned towards the Inconnu Expanse following the destruction of Deep Space Seven. While the Federation has maintained its border with the Union, the Cardassians still push against the Romulans and the Breen, claiming as many systems as it can. The Ravagers, looking to show their strength against the slave-hungry Breen as well, push against the Breen border, dividing the struggling Confederacy’s resources.

End Report

» Intelligence Report: August 2388, Romulan Section

Posted on Thu Oct 19, 2017 @ 2:56pm by Lieutenant Commander Leonora Wollf in General News

Starfleet Intelligence Report, Romulan Section: August, 2388
compiled by: Ensign Grade Vasar, Analyst

Analyses show tangible links between Tal'Shiar involvement in the Free Romulan Movement and multiple attack reports on Federation and allied vessels. Agent suspected on Ruhoka, planet located in the mouth of the Raeyan Transit Corridor.

Agent Rhiannon dispatched to locate Tal'Shiar agent. Agent Harlot dispatched as Strategic and Tactical operator to USS Venture to assist in search efforts and stabilizing the region.

Tal'Shiar agent Lhaerrh tr'Volskiarr unmasked by Rhiannon, safehouse located and database acquired. Database currently undergoing decryption protocols.

Harlot's analyses indicate presence of at least three Mogai-Norexan BoP's within the RTC with similar EDW devices. Search for said vessels authorized.

tr'Volskiarr aware of Rhiannon's identity despite long term deep cover status.

Internal Affairs have begun conducting inquiries to ascertain the validity of suspicions of a mole present either within Romulan or Counter Intelligence Sections.

Romulan Section Commanding Officer and Executive Officer removed from office and reassigned due to negligence in preventing the large number of attacks and information leaking on operations and identities of agents.

Internal Affairs investigation still under way.

End Report

» Intelligence Report: July 2388, Beta Quadrant Powers Section

Posted on Thu Oct 19, 2017 @ 2:54pm by Lieutenant Commander Leonora Wollf in General News

Starfleet Intelligence Report, Beta Quadrant Powers Section: July 2388
compiled by: Lieutenant JG Sean MacIlhenny, Analyst

The Gorn Hegemony has had a challenging relationship with the Federation ever since first contact in 2267. Much of the tension has stemmed from the Hegemony's claim over the Cestus system, which lies within Federation space two light years across their border. Twice, once in 2267 and then again in 2379, the Gorn have attempted to annex the system. The first time, they were repelled by the Metrons after Captain James T. Kirk defeated a Gorn captain in battle. The second time, a Gorn armada successfully took the system and declared war on the Federation. The Gorn Crisis that followed took many lives on both sides before a combined fleet from the Fourth Fleet's Task Forces 63, 72 and 93 drove them all the way back to their homeworld.

On July 2nd, 2388, a series of automated listening posts along the Federation's border with the Gorn Hegemony went dark. A few hours later, massive Gorn fleets dropped out of warp in the Canterra and Cestus systems, laying waste to Starfleet ships and orbital facilities and bombarding the colonies below. Simultaneously, Xavier Fleet Yards and several other assets nearby were mercilessly attacked in a series of hit-and-run raids, crippling Starfleet's infrastructure in the region.

End Report

» Intelligence Report: July 2388, Counter Intelligence Section

Posted on Tue Oct 17, 2017 @ 5:47pm by Lieutenant Commander Leonora Wollf in General News

Starfleet Intelligence Report, Counter Intelligence Section: July, 2388
compiled by: Lieutenant Junior Grade Valeriya Nikulina, Analyst

USS Venture attacked on 3 July in the Raeayan Transit Corridor by a rogue Mogai-Norexan class (Valdore class), FRV (Free Romulan Vessel) V'ashan. El-Aurian Ambassadorial vessel Aurian attacked hours before the Venture by same vessel. Both vessels attacked by a modified variant of the Breen Energy Dispersal weapon, first used at the Second Battle of Chin'toka. Due to the modifications made to the Federation, Romulan and Klingon fleets, the weapon had been deemed inoperable until 3 July.

Agent Rhiannon, asset aboard Venture discovered that the V'ashan downloaded a trojan type virus into the Venture's computer which was designed to disable the modifications, thus enabling the EDW to be effective. Romulan military codes, specifically Tal'Shiar ones were discovered within the virus coding.

Venture successfully purged of the virus after protocol and heuristics update.

V'ashan remains at large, suspected Tal'Shiar involvement in the Free Romulan Movement within the Raeyan Transit Corridor.

End Report

Latest Mission Posts

» Dinner Invite

Mission: Designation: Burning Vigilance
Posted on Thu May 10, 2018 @ 3:56pm by Lieutenant JG Sebastian Herrera & Lieutenant Karna Zsan

Sebastian had not been overly enthused when he got summoned for the field mission. He hadn't shown it in his tone of voice, nor in his mannerisms, of course. After all, when Senora called, Sebastian answered. Wollf had been close friends with his beloved Senora Storm, hence Sebastian's loyalty was…

» Plans and Projects (Backpost)

Mission: Designation: Burning Vigilance
Posted on Wed May 9, 2018 @ 3:42pm by Lieutenant Kalikuo Arija & Lieutenant JG Moyra Walsh

Kali finally felt like she had a research staff on base, it wasn't full yet by any means, many of the labs still sat empty and unused. But there was life to the labs now, people moving around, discussing their experiments and their research. It was nice, relaxing, it wasn't…

» From A Starburst To A Red Dawn

Mission: Everything And Everyone Has A Story
Posted on Thu May 3, 2018 @ 5:06pm by Lieutenant Commander Leonora Wollf & Lieutenant Kalikuo Arija

From: Pythia

To: Cassandra

"Now your statues are standing and pouring sweat.

They shiver with dread.

The black blood drips from the highest rooftops.

They have seen the necessity of evil.

Get out, get out of my sanctum and drown your spirits in woe."

Message ends.

Leonora sat in her…

» Designation: Burning Vigilance, Part 2

Mission: Designation: Burning Vigilance
Posted on Mon Apr 30, 2018 @ 5:13pm by Lieutenant Commander Leonora Wollf & Lieutenant JG Sebastian Herrera & Lieutenant Commander Johnathan 'John' Cutteridge & Lieutenant Kalikuo Arija & Lieutenant Karna Zsan & Lieutenant Finley Chu & Lieutenant JG Jake Sjet & Lieutenant JG Moyra Walsh & Lieutenant JG Akoni Kapulé

Ward Room, Deck 3, a few minutes later

It felt a bit unnerving to have someone watch her every move as studiously as the klingon, Khemara had. Quiet and imposing, he stood in the back watching as Leah prepared the briefing.

In the center of the display/briefing table, was a…

» Designation: Burning Vigilance, Part 1

Mission: Designation: Burning Vigilance
Posted on Mon Apr 30, 2018 @ 5:11pm by Lieutenant Commander Leonora Wollf & Lieutenant Temera Lann PhD & Lieutenant JG Sean MacIlhenny & Lieutenant JG Sebastian Herrera & Lieutenant Commander Johnathan 'John' Cutteridge & Lieutenant Kalikuo Arija & Lieutenant Karna Zsan & Lieutenant Finley Chu & Lieutenant JG Jake Sjet & Lieutenant JG Moyra Walsh & Lieutenant JG Akoni Kapulé & Lieutenant JG Iskandar Bassiri

"Alright, you know the chain of alert if you are unable to contain the situation?" Leah asked as she stood in front of Temera and Sean in her office.

"Alert Oversight, alert Commander Rashani and she'll deal with Driaan if needed. Deposit into off site dead drop and evacuate if…